Sunday, 25 August 2013

GARFIELD - Genome Annotation Resource FIELDs (a cat genome browser)

This seemed like an appropriate “Caturday” post. GARFIELD is short for Genome Annotation Resource FIELDs and is a real pre hoc contrived acronym, for this is a cat genome browser. It’s a shame that there is nothing inherently feline about the expanded name, which suggests that sacrifices were made in pursuit of the desired acronym, but it’s still a worthy effort.

As well as its clear ORCA credentials, GARFIELD has a special place in ORCA as it was an email about it from a friend and collaborator that first brought the idea of resuscitating ORCA to mind. Thanks, Bethan!

Pontius JU & O’Brien SJ (2007), Genome Annotation Resource Fields—GARFIELD: A Genome Browser for Felis catus. J Hered 98 (5): 386-389.

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