Contacting ORCA

To contact ORCA, please e-mail the editor at: Or just leave a comment on the blog.

Comments, suggestions and reports of mistakes are welcome. Vote for your favourite acronym, if that floats your boat.

Submissions to ORCA

If you think you (or someone else) has an acronym worthy of ORCA then drop ORCA an e-mail at the address below. If it passes the rigorous standards set by ORCA, then it will get on the site. ORCA is an insanitocracy and the editor’s decision is final.

When submitting acronyms to ORCA, please include some background information if you have it. In particular, its hoc classification (see above) is desirable. If you look at what’s currently in ORCA the you’ll get an idea of the kind of thing.


  1. Ok, so it's not exactly an acronym, but TardIS is just too cool:

  2. Here's one: