About ORCA


ORCA: The Organisation of Really Contrived Acronyms.
orca noun any of various whales, esp. the killer whale.

organisation noun
a group of people formed into a society, union, or especially business.

really adv.
very; genuinely

contrived adj.
forced or artificial.

acronym noun
a word made from the first letters or syllables of other words.

What is ORCA?

ORCA is exactly what it says. Doubly so, in fact, as ORCA is itself a really contrived acronym. Hoorah! In case you still need help, this is a site dedicated to acronyms for programs and organisations where the creator did not obviously settle for the first possibility that came along.

How Did ORCA Start?

In my work as a bioinformaniac (the official term for someone employed in bioinformatics) it is often my pleasure to code up one program or other. All these programs and scripts need names, so you might as well make them fun, I reckon. (Small things amuse small minds…) One particular presentation of mine was littered with examples of these contrived acronyms and I felt the need to acknowledge this fact before someone else did it for me. What better way than with another contrived acronym? ORCA was born and the rest is whatever you chose to make it.

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