Monday, 16 June 2014

MFSPSSMpred - Masked, Filtered and Smoothed Position-Specific Scoring Matrix-based predictor

Today’s post is a bit odd, as it is an anti-ORCA acronym. There is a reason why contrived acronyms exist, and I think that MFSPSSMpred is a prime example. The acronym itself is almost informative, although it fails to identify what it is trying to predict. (Short molecular recognition features in this case.) Still, imagine yourself in a lab meeting, trying to tell your supervisor which prediction tool you were using from memory!

MFSPSSMpred does have one thing going for it, though, and that’s Google-friendliness. Providing you spell it right, that is!

P.S. Whilst Googling MFSPSSMpred, I discovered that OCTAGON-winning Keith Bradnam got there first and MFSPSSMpred is a JABBA Award winner!

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