Sunday, 22 December 2013

FAIR - Flowchart Analysis of Investigation Results

If you are trying to establish where the blame lies for an accident, you might make use of FAIR: Flowchart Analysis of Investigation Results.

"The FAiR® System (Flowchart Analysis of Investigation Results) is an innovative management tool for determining the nature of errors and enables management to assess levels of culpability and ensure appropriate remedial actions. … By focusing upon the individuals’ actions and intentions as opposed to the consequences the FAiR® System guides intervention choices so that an organization can ensure that any defences put in place to prevent recurrence can be tailored to maximize effectiveness from both a systems and human performance perspective."

Because this is an attempt to make the blame game fairer (and avoid blaming the driver/pilot just because theirs is normally the last mistake before a crash), I think that FAIR counts as a pre hoc acronym. FAiR® might also be the first registered trademark on ORCA. I’m not sure what the lower case i is about, though.

h/t: The Pod Delusion episode 212.

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